Enjoy Your Island Getaway!

Caye Caulker is one of Belize’s most visited tropical islands. Locals and visitors alike often adapt to the “Go Slow” catchphrase that the island is famously known for. It’s definitely a place of ultimate island relaxation. Though more laid-back,  the island still offers endless activities for visitors, young and old. While enjoying your stay at our gorgeous hotel, you will have the opportunity to see and explore the Caye whilst doing many enjoyable activities. Why just swim when you can have tons of underwater fun, on-land fun, and enjoy incredible nightlife? The Caye hotel is nothing but a few paces away from exciting adventures of the cayes you have yet to experience. With our hotel located a hop away from the ocean, you have the convenience of exploring both land and sea. 

Upon your arrival, choosing what to do first may be a challenge. Our suggestion? Kick it off slow. Acquaint yourself with the island. You can start by going on a walk to take in the scenery and cool island breeze. Rent a bike or golf cart to travel around the streets of Caye Caulker. You can go scuba diving or snorkelling to visit our underwater friends. Try fishing and then you get to cook your catch of the day. You can snorkel, dive, sail, kayak or just take it easy and relax on the warm white sand. You could even get a tan if you’d like. The sun shines the brightest here! 


Explore the underwater world

Even if you have no experience in snorkeling, you can still join in on the fun. Our trained and knowledgable guides are there to help you explore the amazing ambiance of the ocean and the kaleidoscope of colours found in the hard and soft corals.


Get the Catch of the Day!

The Caribbean sea seldom disappoints, you are always guaranteed a daily catch when it comes to fishing. Once again, if you have not gone fishing before or you're not quite sure how it works, our experienced and licensed guides are at your service.

Scuba Diving

Dive in, The Water's Fine

Scuba Divers from all over the world come to visit Belize for the experience they can' find anywhere else. With a huge barrier stretching 185 miles along the coastline with various dive sites, you are guaranteed to find and discover wonderful new aquatic life.

Sunset cruise

Let the Sunset bring you peace

If you prefer a more easy-going, relaxed type of excursion a sunset cruise may be on the top of your Caye Caulker bucket list. Sit back and enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze as you enjoy local refreshments and light snacks. All while enjoying the breathtaking Caye Caulker sunset sought by many to end an amazing day on the island.