Independence Day, Carnival, and More: September Celebrations in Belize

The month of September in Belize is always jam-packed with festivities and this year, they’re back in full force. 

Here’s what you can expect this September: 

National Flag Day

September 1
The month always kicks off with a flag-raising event on the first day of the month. This year, the start of the 2022 September Celebrations was commemorated with the Belize City Council’s Annual Flag Raising Ceremony at the flag monument in Belize City.

The Deputy Mayor and Councillors shared messages of solidarity, strength, and perseverance as Belize celebrates 41 years of independence this month. 

Carnival J'ouvert and Road March

September 3

Carnival is arguably the most festive day of the month. Carnival groups prepare their dance routines and elaborate costumes tirelessly months in advance for the carnival celebration that parades throughout the streets of Belize City. 

Belizeans line sidewalks and streets to be a part of September’s biggest event. Music, dancing, and non-stop entertainment are what defines this fete. 

To kick off the day of carnival, many like to attend an early morning j’ouvert celebration with mud and paint for an even more fun carnival experience. 

St. George's Caye Day

September 10

The 10th of September is an important day in Belizean history. It commemorates the Baymen’s victory in the Battle of St. George’s Caye. Fought in 1798, Europeans, known as Baymen,  who settled in Belize and used the multiple cayes along the coast as a base for buccaneering. 

The Spanish made several attempts to seize the region in the 1750’s. However, on September 10th, 1798, the Spanish made an assault on the settlement with 32 ships and over 2,000 troops. Despite the preparedness of the Spanish, the Baymen won a decisive victory, that ended Spanish interest in the region.

Independence Day

September 21

Another notable holiday, Belize’s Independence Day, is celebrated just 11 days after St. George’s Caye Day. The twenty-first of September marks the day Belize became an independent nation and was no longer a British Crown Colony. The historic day is commemorated with an official flag raising ceremony at midnight on the the 20th of September and an annual independence day parade. 

The Caye Hotel wishes Belize a festive and safe month of celebrations! 



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