Why Caye Caulker is the Perfect Family Vacation Destination in Belize

Choosing the perfect destination for a family vacation can be difficult. It’s hard to settle on one place with activities and attractions that everyone can enjoy. Planning is more than stressful. Caye Caulker boasts endless activities and attractions for parents and kids alike that are sure to make everyone want to visit the island again. Here are some the entire family can enjoy:  

The Split

The Split is a channel that was created several years ago when Hurricane Hattie “split” the island in two. These days, The Split is arguably the most popular spot to visit in Caye Caulker. Apart from being a great spot for swimming, there are tons of ocean activities there to enjoy. From jet skiing, to windsurfing, kayaking and sailing smoothly in a Hobie cat, the possibilities are endless. Multiple beach bars and restaurants are conveniently located at The Split as well.

Tarpon Feeding Dock

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Hidden away from the rest of the island is a viewing dock with a little bait shop. For just $5BZ, you can purchase some bait fish to feed the huge tarpons that swim in the crystal clear waters around the dock. Tarpons are harmless as they do not have teeth, but there is a proper way to feed this giants. The ladies at the dock will always let you know the proper technique, though it is fairly easy. Don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture cool slow motion footage of a tarpon jumping out of the water to snatch the fish straight from your hand! 

Island Sunset Cruise

There is nothing better than relaxing onboard a small sailboat and experiencing the mesmerizing sunset while cruising on the calm sea. Caye Caulker Sunset cruises are very popular- and for a good reason. If you’re lucky you can catch the very moment the sun sets beneath the horizon, which marks the end of a fun-filled day of island adventures. 

Tasty Island Cuisine 

You’ll definitely be craving something tasty after a day full of island adventures. The Caye Café is our on-site restaurant that serves up everything from fresh seafood ceviche to decadent desserts and coffee. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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